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With the right squad of developers and analysts, everything is achievable. A business integrated with the latest technology generates more revenue. 

Create your business a more profitable asset through our Enterprise Solution Package.

Tanz Corp

Tanz Corp is our computer service company based in Pune, our vision is to provide computer service to everyone at an affordable price. We unite regional IT service and repairing stores and provide the service to nearby users. Additionally, Tanz corp delivers assistance to the corporation, institute and IT sectors at a fair price than the competition. The reason for choosing Tanz Corp is harbouring an extensive chain of Independent IT service technicians with their brilliant and special aptitudes. That makes it instant access to the service anywhere anytime shortly. Our serviced outcome comes with the Warranty, that other competition doesn't offer. We value the customer's reach and time management, hence we facilitate at-home repairing services within a day or two depending on location. We have the ambition to expand the Tanz network large as possible for making home repair services more accessible and deliver in the shortest time.

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Our Services


Software & Website Development


Cybersecurity, Firewall, End-to-end Encryption with blockchain


Client network service and user database management


IT Consulting and Testing


Wings For Dreams

From the beginning, Wings For Dreams has done extraordinary work to help people and support them to achieve something better in their life. They helped numerous women and supported child education in the tribal regions. Let's join our hands and make a contribution to support the helpful organisation Wings For Dreams.

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My Visions

My story is full of fantasies and dreams which are yet to fulfil, many things need to be done to fill up my bucket list. The problem is, that there is a hole in the bucket, right now I am working on fixing it so that I can safely put my bucket list in the restored bucket and get back to work on my vision. The sentence is quite difficult to understand for someone, consider it a riddle. Right now I am an adult, but I never accepted my adulthood, because I fear growing up and I don't want to be old and face the harsh society that many adults are facing. It doesn't mean I am immature, I have handled a lot more than which many adults can't do. I like the world better a place where nobody fights, argues, never gets in trouble with society and never experiences fear of losing friends and family. I never talk too much and prefer being silent, because I dream of something, think of a solution and most of the time, I speak to myself. There is the smallest part of me wanting to be a billionaire someday, but I don't want money for self-enjoyment, I would rather invest in healthcare research, education for the poor, and protecting the environment. I always wanted to be a surgeon, since I became addicted to technology but it's too late. Deep down, I really working on healthcare technology as a small part of fulfilling the dream of being a healthcare professional. That's my destiny, I never ever worked on such an idea that might cause potential damage or harm to people and the environment. Take an example of my renewable energy project, I ought not to share it in detail publicly for classified reasons, but some friends might know about it if you are reading this. Thanks for taking moment. Feel free to explore our site!