Build Your Hypes

We help you to reach out to enormous numbers of audiences in a better flexible way. We use custom software for attracting people of interest to the person, brand, products and events. We have been providing service to most companies and personalities to maintain the hype and grow the popularity.  



Got Talent?

Now becoming a celebrity is not a dream anymore, it's now always becoming reality when you choose the perfect agency.

We have personalised plans for new, rising, or current talents to grow every single flash. From time management to public relations, handle us to everything, only you have to do is just appear as per our planning and follow-ups the brand promotion to engage way more audience. We do handle promotion as well as provide the personality development programs to our Talent from the partnered trainers. Our aim is to fulfil the dream of new Talents across the world and we have fulfilled ours, now it's yours! Connect to us to know more about plans.

Event Organisation

Want to make a grand entry, or throw a crazy party - leave that to us, and enjoy your special moment. Our agency will help to make the event amazing that will attract and gather big crowds. We have various ways of organising and promoting the event from the small to enterprise-level scale. Hype-it has special opportunities and discounted offers for new artists in the industry across the globe.



Music Festival
Product Launch
Club Party
Stand-ups Comedies
Movie Promotion
Fashion Shows
Luxury Event
Social Gathering

For newcomers, Hype-it the best choice from the competition, we back every artist from any background, Singer-Musician, DJ, Stage Artist, Stand-Up Comedians, Speakers, Influencer

For big events such as Music Fest, Hype-it will make sure that event will be truly Hype Worthy! Our top priority for organizing such a fest is, obtaining all the necessary permissions very early to make sure the event will be hassle-free. Other than that, Hype-it will arrange all the required things: Facilities for Artists from Travel to Accommodation, Sponsorship Deals, Security Guards, Bouncers, Marketing, Managing Tickets, Volunteers, Sound Systems, Lights Set-up, Survivelance, Food-Stalls, Stage Decoration and many essential things (given in the brochure)

We have partnered with JW Marriott for the best experience.

Product Hypes


Take the product to its peak through our brand campaign program

We analyse the customer's data from partnered data collector company. From the analyzed data, we facilitate the reach of products to potential buyers and frequent users of similar products. In the modern, hyping the product became extremely widespread and attracted many customers, hype comes with a big risk if the product failed to impress customers. Hence we only promote a hype-worthy product that gives the best results in the real life. For applying to make the product hype, a company have to undergo a series of qualification for a product done by Tanz Corp which includes Quality-Testing, Certifications, and Real-Life impact on the potential customers. Not to worry, despite Quality tests, if the product failed to satisfy the customers, our agency can maintain the hype for the long run.

Contact us to Hype-it the product.