How To Build A Website.

You know what, you don't need coding knowledge for website development. Just drag and drop and voila. There are many platforms to build a website easily with zero knowledge of coding in HTML/CSS/JS. Will people call you dumb? Yes or no, it depends, some people might inspect the website and check on which platform you built the website or is genuinely coded. People talk. In the end, you are getting your website that's all is matter. Most of the million - billion whatever dollar companies started using website-building tools like,,, etc etc. Including me, my website is built on

There is a thing called "Requirement". When the website building tools provide me with all the resources like payment gateway, analytics, templates, designing, editing, live preview, responsive, and many many more then why should I build customize websites using codes? Coding will waste my time and make my site even more lagging and not so creative. But don't underestimate the power custom coded website, google and Facebook websites custom coded. Unless you want to build something like google, then this topic is not for you, get off.

Go to and search website builder, and then you will see a bunch of ads on the top search page. Don't worry, your's website will be (maybe) available on that page soon. Decide what platform you would like to go to, I don't care, just go and pick Sign up and type your purpose and finish the steps as they guide you. There will be something like, Let ADI create a website and Create yourself, both are best but I recommend selecting Create Yourself. Shit a bad choice, you are going to tough time building the website. Actually, Wix's ADI sucks, so yes, we are going to use Create yourself option. In this option, you are going to find a blazing tool and don't worry there are step-by-step guides too for making work way easier.

Now the next step is to follow the Wix dashboard. Explore everything in the Wix dashboard. You will find more tools in dashboards like analytics, SEO optimisation, email marketing and many more. has everything step by step to launch your website on the top page and make it marvellous. In another hand, if you have cash in your right-left hand, then use WordPress. It's hard to use but can be manageable. Just search "WordPress Theme for XYZ" on google.

You will find plenty of hosting sites that offer WordPress templates. Average WordPress templates would cost roughly around 30-40 USD depending on the websites, some are 99+ USD. Then select the hosting platform like, etc. And then you are good. Wait for a couple of weeks, your website will be available on the first page of a search engine, just make sure you have the best content. is easily the winner here to get you on the top results with a high chance. The choice is your, Wix or WordPress or maybe coded! (Wait, didn't I just kick out the person who want to build a website using code, perhaps he's crying with codewithharry)


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