I Have Reason To Live Life Fullest

Since the day I was born, I don't know where I am, not a single newborn child doesn't know where we are and what are gonna do in future. Infants don't know about the world, but they know about who our parents are, isn't that wonderful. When I was a child, everything is going well and fine, I miss those days when I enjoyed playing with a group of friends in the garden next to my house. After a decade, I grew up and witnessed that there was no park, it turned into a haunted place. I got many friends in my life, and one of them passed away, it makes me difficult to imagine how we enjoyed life together and talk about each other's life goals.

I am deaf, literally 80%, but thanks to German-made hearing aid, I can hear properly. I don't know why people feel sorry about my hearing condition. Let me clear them, I am not living like deaf life and I live a normal life like others and even better than everyone else, I can mute the whole world and I can just volume up and down if I wear a hearing aid. This is what everyone wants, peace. I have never experienced frequent noise pollution and even I can make a peace with the principal's hour-long speech (haha, sorry sir, just kidding). Well, keep noise pollution aside, let me tell you the one reason to be active - "I have a library everywhere wherever I go!" Most successful people went outside somewhere where they find a sense of peace to think about their precious decisions, and I am ironic, I don't need fucking any place to find peace, I have it everywhere! (not on the construction site 😂)

Recently I saw Claire Wineland's video on Youtube, Claire was diagnosed with C.F (Cystic Fibrosis), she always struggles with every breath and I really turn emotional. Must see her video and documentary at least, I embed the video down here. She has a beautiful heart, and I recommend you take her advice if you realise that you can't do it anymore! Let me tell you her golden word that I really believe and it always works:

"If you want to do something in life, don't think of it much, just give it try, you know"

I have faced many life and work situations, I never got the perfect life to live like others, but I don't know why I am still enjoying it. Even I had to skip the education and move forward to focus on what I am doing. I am not sounding like I am quitting education, just taking a break from the world and society. I am tired of living the dream of fantasy. I have been poor - middle class. I am doing everything great in life, I don't know what puzzle is missing and I am still struggling to get great life. I realised struggling can make your life marvellous. After struggling, my life became successful at that point, but I started feeling that I am finally done here. I just love doing my work and living my own world. Have a great day or night whatever, "Zopa ata".

Pratik Bagale


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