Programming FAQ

1. How programming language works?

There are numbers of programming languages in the world which are Java, C++, Python and many more, click here to see a detailed view of every programming language for better understanding. The computer has different kinds of components commonly processor, motherboard, RAM, GPU and others. Electronic hardware understands only two digits (0 and 1) we called it a binary number and also call machine language and low-level language. It is difficult to program the machine in the binary form, and hence the programming language was created to understand the computer. The programming language consists of text, formula and syntax that you want to express in English converts into the binary form in the compiler.

2. How to start programming journey?

Starting programming is very easy as there are a bunch of sources around the website or an app, most of them are free to study. The learner has a lot of questions in their mind that how really they should begin learning to program. For now, forget the word programming, start thinking of coding. Coding is the most important part of programming language, get started with an easier way. I will recommend starting with HTML & CSS. They are way too easier for beginners and must note that these are not programming languages to function the machine. You can also start with python instead of HTML, some experts suggest starting with C++ or JAVA as the first programming language. To be honest that's nothing to do with which language you should begin with, most important is comfort. If you just want to learn programming for developing simple applications or just for hobby or learning, it is always good to take python or swift (if you like IOS development). Before beginning with python or any easy programming language as your first programming language, give it try to learn just a few things in C++ or Java to see whether you feel interested or not. 

Learning to code required a lot of continuous practice, recommended at least 5 days a week. Suppose you complete the full course in Java and begins to learn a new language and also you stopped doing coding in Java, then mark my word, you won't able to remember Java and required to start from new. I and our programmer team have experienced this many times, in the period of 7 years of programming experience I repeated the Java course at least 4-5 times and currently learning Java again after taking a long break. That's why it is recommended to learn only less than 2 or 3 programming languages or master it in just one programming language, I have learned 8 programming languages and mastered Python and Swift, and I barely remember how to code in the other language that I previously learned.


Join some coding Bootcamp really helps a lot, learning an online course is okay, but in a physical class, there are a lot of advantages. When you are programming, you will stuck in some lines or get errors and having a mentor really helps to solve and fix the issues in real-time.

3. Computer required for programming.

I began coding on a smartphone in 2014, it was a pretty small 4-inch display at that time. The free e-learning application was there named SoloLearn which is quite popular among programmers. It also has a built-in compiler that supports many programming languages, I used to code on that compiler on the small screen. I never felt that I should buy a computer for coding, even I was enjoying coding on a small display just for learning. I even had a computer at that time, but I don't use it often because it was too slow, with 1 GB ram. My point is, if you don't have a computer, and have a smartphone, you can learn on the phone for a while. For better programming experience, I recommend a minimum 8 GB ram and i3 processor in your computer, that's it. For the best performance, add 16 GB ram and i5. It is not necessary to have a powerful computer for beginners, many average computers can be used for developing an App or Website.

If you are interested in IOS or macOS application development, then you need an Apple Computer, because Windows computers are not useful for developing the IOS or MacOS application. There is an advantage of having an Apple computer, you can create applications for Windows and Android too. The only disadvantage is, Apple computers are pretty expensive.