Project Titan

For kind of information, Project Titan is not our ongoing development or startup, but it is an experimental project for completely redeveloping computers and research on quantum computing. Project Titan is a group of best professionals which includes elite developers, scientists, researchers, doctors, professors, and students. Project Titan was established on 2 Feb 2022 with a few professionals on a trial basis. To date, we have an excellent team of 2 retired scientists (from Indonesia and China), 6 professional software developers (one of them was the brain behind the Jaguar E-Racing), 1 Professor from the University of Zurich, 1 doctor from Jupiter Hospital Pune, 1 Ex-Forensic Scientist from Pune and 9 Students (from Johns Hopkins University, COEP, KIT Kolhapur, and rest not pursuing further education or yet to pursue undergrad. With this perfect team, Project Titan could be a reality in near future.


Project Titan was funded nearly zero because we are not developing or jumping into a big project right now. We research on paper and theoretically in a classical way. While doing the research Project Titan team keeps one main thing in their mind, "There is no computer invented yet". We want to see what could be possibly developed instead of modern computers, if there is another version of the computer, then how does the world today might possibly look, "same, better, worse, or sci-fi?" This kind of questions we always try to find out, we debate each other and collects the important points and from that points, we analyse data about the possible invention of another version of the computer. One of our scientists claimed, Computer could be used for advanced methods instead of the calculator in 1822. 

Before beginning the real project, we are finding all possible computer inventions done before 1900, including ancient technology figuring out what could be used in the Machine, Binary or Roman numbers based language? We analysed that using the hybrid numerical and language system could make computers perform faster, as we can make many classes in indefinite ways. We believe there are still small or big which also include classified clues about alternate computers around the world. We are finding that clue and some rehearse notes by contacting many older universities. Thankfully some universities were able to provide us with publically available details which trace the smallest clue on alternative computers in different ways.

Project Titan is not worried or unsatisfied with modern computers, we want to find another way of computing technology. There is one controversial computing technology which is yet to be developed in near future, known as Quantum Computer. It sounds fictional, but we have no idea how, will it become personal computer with 20 years or just used for enterprise/industries. Project Titan's other work is research on Quantum Computer, we also look in future as well as in the past till the ancient era. Almost all member of Project Titan believes, that Quantum Computer is revolutionary and we can contribute to the development of Quantum Computer. 

Related to Computing technology, we run another main project named as SHARK MAINFRAME, most members are not part of the project because Project Titan is researched based and SHARK Mainframe is a development-startup developing Mainframe computer by association with a Japanese Firm. SHARK mainframe is a leading project which aims to develop the most affordable and high-speed computer to compete against key players like IBM, Hitachi, and Fujitsu. The project is already successful and almost moving to bag other rounds of investment from the various firms in India and Japan.

If you are interested to Join Project Titan, you can join by sending your resume to the email, if you are a student, you have to pass the test provided by us.

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